Workspace ordered by random, Widget for first draft in workspace

I know I’m Mr Random requester here (eg Order by Random)… but hear me out:

  1. A workspace that orders by random (ideally scoped by tag(s))
  2. Then a widget that can select the first draft in a workspace (to show most recent by default, or first random draft via random workspace)

Would be a way to get back into previous work, by a few different vectors.


What about using shortcuts for this usecase?
Besides a bug in shortcuts that will still present a prompt to select the draft these few steps could accomplish what you’re asking for:

You could extend this to filter for drafts with specific tags and so on :slight_smile:
Let me know if this helps.

Note: unfortunately the last step doesn’t work as expected. It will still present a menu to select a draft but if I’m correct that’s a bug in Shortcuts (maybe @agiletortoise can confirm this). Make sure to toggle off the „show when run switches in the drop-down menu of the action steps.