Workspace listing: white text-on-light background?

I’ve got a nagging puzzle, no doubt of my own doing, and looking for help in un-doing: When I act to filter Drafts by workspace (icon at bottom left), my iPad displays a list of my workspaces in easily readable dark-text-on-light background. But on my iPhone the same operation gives me white text on a light background (but dark Workspace icons): its TOUGH to read!

I have the same Light (Tablet Habit dark) and Dark (Night Owl) themes selected on both devices, and system-selected active modes.

Any ideas on what I’ve done to make my iPhone want to mess with my mind so? Better yet: any suggestions on how I might undo this? Thanks.

Are the syntaxes set the same? Not sure if that could make a difference.

Menu follow the system mode, so if the phone is in light mode, they are light with dark text, if the system is in dark mode, they are dark with light text.

Are you sure you have the right light-dark modes configured in Drafts, it sound like what I would expect if the app is in light mode, but you are using a dark mode theme. So, “Night Owl” is selected as your “Light” theme in drafts.

That seems to be the trick – thanks. Dunno what I was thinking! I’ve changed to a light theme for light mode and a dark for dark, and life seems righted again.

I’m not sure there’s another app I use so much day in, day out: thanks for Drafts!

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Thanks for the suggestion; syntax was same in both. The suggestion from agiletortoise helped: seems I was mis-using a dark theme in light mode.