Workspace behavior


With a Workspace with all the tagged drafts in Archive, tapping the Workspace Widget shows nothing when the Inbox is selected before. After tapping Archice all the tagged items show up in the Workspace. Is this the normal behavior or can I also include the Inbox and flagged items?

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Had this same question. Did you ever find the answer? Maybe it’s a new way of thinking in Drafts that I’m. Of aware of?

And another. This question is certainly not getting a lot of response.

I have the same question too. I would love to have Workspaces pull in notes from Inbox or Archive.

Workspaces are ways to filter your sets of Drafts, which are still ‘foldered’ into Inbox, Flagged, Archive and Trash. They also set some display options for listing drafts.

  • Drafts that are flagged will show up under flagged.
  • Drafts that are archived (including flagged) will show up under archived.
  • Drafts that are trashed will show up under trash.
  • Drafts that are neither trashed nor archived show up under inbox; flagged ones may too, depending upon your workspace settings.

To me, inbox, archive and trash are like statuses, and flagged is more a modifier.

Hopefully that explains things, but reading the thread, there seem to be several questions, including to something the workspace widget doesn’t do.

Screenshots and examples always help when describing issues, so if something isn’t covered, please consider including something like the above to help describe it.