Workflowy API - Convert Shortcut to Drafts action?

The folks at Workflowy put this tweet out recently about using Shortcuts to interact with the recently-announced API functionality Workflowy now has. I’ve got this working fine.

So just wondering if someone could produce a Drafts action that achieves a similar outcome to the Shortcut linked to in the tweet, opposed to going the Shortcuts route itself? Cheers.

I can’t seem to find any mention of the API on their website, or any related documentation about the API itself, is it actually a public API?

This one function could be reverse engineered from the Shortcut, I suppose, but it would be better if they had some docs available.

Sorry, but I’ve not got any further information over that supplied above.

Here’s an example of the Shortcut recreated in Drafts:

After install, edit the action and set your Workflowy API key and node URL as used in the Shortcut as the template values for the first two action steps.

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That’s marvellous. Many thanks, Greg.