Workflow for images?

Hey guys,

I’d love to make drafts my main notes app. I’d just need a good way to capture images in another service and then link to them in a drafts note. Anyone have any good workflows or scripts or anything like that? I’ve got a web server I could use. Also have DEVONthink and Bear…through Bear would be what I’m hoping to replace.

This sounds crazy now that I’m writing it.

You’re question isn’t crazy. I have the same dilemma.

When I paste a DTTG item link into a markup doc on Drafts (using the ![](pasted link) syntax) the link (photo) doesn’t appear.

If the link is an online direct url this works fine. I have not found a way, other than in the Drafts link mode, to link to a DTTG item link.

This is the only hole in my workflow at the moment.

Would appreciate any help with this.

DTTG won’t be running a web service to offer up your images in the background, so it can’t serve them to Drafts in preview. A web server outside of your device however can.

When in DTTG, presumably it will work there because it is serving directly to whatever it itself needs

Hence the difference in behaviour.

Hi @sylumer. That makes total sense even to a neophyte like me. Thanks for the clear answer.