Wordpress pages

Hi All,

Wonder if anyone can help with this one,

I use Drafts 5 to make post to a Wordpress site. Which works great :+1:t3: including converting Mark down or HTML , and using the recent posts action,


Is there a way for Drafts to create a new “Page” rather then a new post?

I would love to be able to add pages to my site with with Drafts.


Short answer? Yes, it should be possible. It can not be done with the WordPress action step, but would require scripting with the WordPress object.

Drafts exposes the whole WordPress XML-RPC API, and those docs note that pages can be created with calls to wp.newPost with post_type=page…but the doc don’t go into much detail on what other values might be needed. Might need someone with more experience with WordPress to create an example script. Should be similar to the example in the scripting docs, with some different parameters added to mark it as a page.