Word proposals populating at the bottom of the page when typing

When typing typically proposals start to populate at the bottom of the page in a number of apps on iOS that can then be used. Is there any setting where this can be configured in Drafts?

I’m not aware of any setting like this. Text is entered from top to bottom and downward scrolling from the draft start.

I’ve seen centralised typewriter modes before in apps, but curiously I’ve never seen a bottom to top implementation.

If I’m correct, @us40489’s question is about the predictive-text suggestions which appear above the keyboard when typing. If so, then this is an iOS feature and not part of Drafts.

Ah text suggestions. I read it as they were writing proposals. :man_shrugging:t2:

If you have suggestions in other apps, but not Drafts, check that you did not disable “Autocorrect” in the Aa editor settings screen. Suggestions are part of the iOS autocorrect feature.

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Yes, predictive-text suggestions is what I meant, sorry for the unprecise description.