Word Count for selection

I love having the word count right at the top of the screen, but it would be nice to have word count also for a selection of text, when applicable.


In the interim, you could use a script action along these lines:


(() => {

	const main = () =>
			.toString() + ' words in selection'
	// words :: String -> [String]
	const words = s => s.split(/\s+/);

	// MAIN ---

Oh, perfect, thanks so much!

While it would be nice to see it above, this works almost just as well for my purposes.

Thank you. Just what I was looking for. I often write for my discussion questions in Drafts for my Ph.D. program and have to write in APA format. That means if I use a quote that is more than 40 words they have to done in a block quote format, not inline in the text. I was just copying quotes that I thought would be too long into a new draft to see how many words it was.

I know that I can see word count of a selection via a script. But it would be really handy to have it showing in the menu bar – together with characters. Just saying…