Will there be scripting on the mac? I'd love to access individual drafts from KM or Alfred

I was wondering if there were any plans to open up Drafts for Mac to AppleScript or JXA? I’m assuming if yes, then it’s linked to the availability of actions?
I don’t know enough to realize how hard of an ask this is.
The itch I’m wanting to scratch: listing drafts “on the fly” so I can choose which one to append / prepend to using KM or Alfred

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Does the Alfred workflow discussed in this thread give you any viable options now?

Making the app scriptable is certainly “on the list”. Not sure I can promise it will ship with actions, but likely around that same time.

Ah! That was the start of my thoughts on scripting: how to get a dynamic list of drafts sorted by [[title]] that i can winnow as I type …

Yeah! Nice to hear. If you need a I-really-dont-know-how-to-script-and-probably-will-break-everything beta tester, I’m in!!

Looking forward to AppleScript support! This would open up a lot of potential for macOS actions