Will there be scripting on the mac? I'd love to access individual drafts from KM or Alfred


I was wondering if there were any plans to open up Drafts for Mac to AppleScript or JXA? I’m assuming if yes, then it’s linked to the availability of actions?
I don’t know enough to realize how hard of an ask this is.
The itch I’m wanting to scratch: listing drafts “on the fly” so I can choose which one to append / prepend to using KM or Alfred


Does the Alfred workflow discussed in this thread give you any viable options now?


Making the app scriptable is certainly “on the list”. Not sure I can promise it will ship with actions, but likely around that same time.


Ah! That was the start of my thoughts on scripting: how to get a dynamic list of drafts sorted by [[title]] that i can winnow as I type …


Yeah! Nice to hear. If you need a I-really-dont-know-how-to-script-and-probably-will-break-everything beta tester, I’m in!!