Will the new Mac version of drafts including actions run on Mojave?

Greg mentioned that the new version of drafts for Mac will include actions, but will it run only on Catalina, or Mojave also ? I ask because I usually wait 6 months for the bugs to be ironed out before I upgrade my OS. thank you

This policy statement should answer those questions about backward compatibility, etc.

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I did not express myself clearly.

After reading the statement below, I was wondering if the use of actions with Drafts for Mac is contingent upon having a Mac Os compatible with the iPad OS (Project Catalyst) ie Catalina, or will it be a ‘pure’ Mac OS app in which case it would also to some extent be Mojave compatible.
thank you

iPad OS brings new multitasking tools and a desktop-class browser to the tablet. MacOS Catalina incorporates Project Catalyst, giving developers the ability to port apps built for the iPad over to the Mac

The Mac app exists and is not a catalyst-based app. Actions are being built into the existing app and so would be available in that entirely independently of what the future may hold for Drafts and catalyst.

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As I understand it, Catalyst only helps developers port UI elements, but actions are based on low-level system hooks. (Such as Shortcuts vs. Applescript.) Since these are still very different on each platform, I don’t think Catalyst would offer any advantage to developers in terms of accessing these hooks.

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