Will Scribble be available for 3rd-party apps?

I loved the Newton and hate to type. Will Scribble be a available for third-party apps and will Drafts implement it?

There’s no implementation. It just works in most text input fields if you are running iPadOS 14. The current App Store version of Drafts works with Scribble if you are running the iPadOS beta.


From what you’ve seen, is it possible to predict whether handwritten-to-text transformation will get sluggish after 100, 1000, 10,000 words?

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You would hope it would be a moving window across the would-be :slight_smile: text. There’s not much point in using the previous sentence to correct this sentence, for example. So progressively longer scans ought to top out after a few dozen words.

On the other hand, a bad choice of data structure could be considerably-worse-than-linearTM. :slight_smile:

There may be other applications of scribble I haven’t looked into, but as you can see in that video, in the text field case, it is only evaluating a couple of words at a time and converting them to text in the field. I don’t think that represents any scaling issue.

I guess in a drawing type app where it might be maintaining the original handwritten version there could be some limits, but I expect Apple wouldn’t ship it if they had not addressed those concerns.