Wikipedia markdown toolbar?

I would value a set of markdown buttons for common markdown codes for wikipedia. Did i miss it somewhere?

here are some simple examples:

= A Wikipedia Page Title =

===Sub Heading 1 ===

====Sub Heading 2 ====

===== Sub Heading 3 =====




[[Example]] of an Internal Wikipedia Page Link

[[Example | Click here for definition]] of an Internal Wikipedia link ta page called "example".  simple url link.

[[]] Link url is moved to footnote 

[ Link text annotated]

A user sig: ~~~~

and so on…

I don’t see anything in the action directory, but it should be pretty easy to change existing Markdown actions to do those sorts of manipulations. Find an action that wraps the selected text with other text strings, and that will cover you for most of them immediately.

One point of note. Do be aware of the cross-linking syntax that uses wiki-style syntax. Otherwise you may note some odd behaviour should you accidentally trigger a link.

Hope that helps.

Thanks. I was rather hoping someone’s hand would go up and I could avoid getting my hands dirty. :slight_smile:

If you haven’t dirtied your own hands yet, I added a few to the ThoughtAsylum Action group update that I just pushed to the action directory. There are functions in the underlying library for delimiting and wrapping text which covered most of what was required, though some are even just simple text insertions.

There’s a section containing the following.

MediaWiki Syntax

  • TAD-MediaWiki Selection Title 1
  • TAD-MediaWiki Selection Title 2
  • TAD-MediaWiki Selection Title 3
  • TAD-MediaWiki Selection Title 4
  • TAD-MediaWiki Selection Title 5
  • TAD-MediaWiki Selection Title 6
  • TAD-MediaWiki Selection Italic
  • TAD-MediaWiki Selection Bold
  • TAD-MediaWiki Selection Internal Link
  • TAD-MediaWiki Selection Piped Link
  • TAD-MediaWiki Insert Signature
  • TAD-MediaWiki Insert Timestamped Signature
  • TAD-MediaWiki Insert Timestamp
  • TAD-MediaWiki Selection Title
  • TAD-MediaWiki Insert Horizontal Rule

I’d recommend creating your own personal wiki editing action group, and then including any of these actions you wish to use, and give those actions whatever icons, colours and names that work best for you.