Width of the Drafts app window while opening/closing view of my drafts

Hello! In the Mac app, when I hit Cmd + 1 to close the view of the list of drafts (to focus only on the text), is there a way to make it so that the window shrinks down to the size of the draft window?

The workflow I’m in is: I’m working in a small Drafts window (small because there’s another window behind it I’m reading in parallel), set to the minimum possible width for a Drafts window. I have to open the list of my drafts (by pressing Cmd +1) to change which draft I’m working on. This causes the Drafts app window to widen to show the list of drafts to select from. But then when I close the list of drafts again (once again hitting Cmd + 1), the window stays wider–it keeps the extra width it gained when I opened up the view of my drafts on the left. I would love it if there were a way to preserve the old, smaller width, from before I hit Cmd + 1 the first time.

A very specific use case, but wanted to ask about it! Thanks so much. I am just loving this app.


Hi @billhiggins, I don’t have a pure drafts solution for your problem, but here is an example of how I restore my original window state with the App Keyboard Maestro:

Surely there is a way to achieve this with an AppleScript, but I am not the right person to contact.

I’d love to see this added to Drafts as a preference; BBEdit supports this.



Awesome, thanks so much!

I had to solve this by using Keyboard Maestro also. I’d rather the list to extend and collapse instead of resizing the window.


Thanks for the macro. I’ve wished that Drafts would behave like Things does (preserve window width), in this regard though it’s rather non-standard behavior.