Widget: Show content of latest draft in given Workspace

This might be too fringe of a use case but it might be of interest.

There is a widget that shows the content of a specific draft, or list, or task list.
The idea here would be to just have that, but have the draft auto-update based on the latest draft in a workspace. That way, whether you are writing a daily journal or managing your daily tasks list in new drafts, you’d have them available in your widget without having to change the settings.

So the feature I’m proposing is, instead of selecting a specific draft in the widget, to have an option to select ‘latest in workspace’.

the way I’ve solved this in my system for now is to duplicate the same Draft and replace it with new contents. This way the ID is still the same but the content is the next day or week or month or whatever.

I don’t have an action for this, my system relies on weekly and monthly Drafts for the most part, and part of my review process is to create them by hand, so it’s not much of an issue. Shouldn’t be too hard to script, though.

The list style widget lets you select a workspace and displays its content. In the small widget size that’s just the one, first draft. In larger sizes you see the titles and can tap to go to one. That’s pretty close to what you are asking for.

Thanks for the reply! This is exactly how I have it set-up right now. I have an action that replaces the tasks in a ‘today’ draft. Only downside is that, when replacing, there is no way to go back and look through tasks or other content.

The small widget size is actually exactly what I’m asking for, just small. I didn’t know about it, thanks! I still think that a task widget that functions the same would be helpful, or to have the same feature at larger sizes, but I’m not sure if that is possible or something others would find helpful too.

Thanks for the reply!

Well that’s why I duplicate the Draft, so last week or last month are there to look back on.

I’d suggest something like create a Draft with yesterday’s date and put the current contents of the today Draft into it before you clear it. Maybe not exactly that, but you get the idea.