Widget button to a specific draft

I’ve been using iOS widgets for awhile now and with the additional utility in Mac OS it will only become more important for me.

One thing I find myself wishing for is a button to a specific draft. I have one draft that serves as my daily todo list. I know that I could create a workspace for it. Or better yet, I could create an action that opens the specific URL for that draft. I guess having an action for that draft feels cluttery to me.

I just wonder if it might be cleaner if we had a widget option that would open a designated draft? Or that would open a Drafts URL (this would let us even go to specific headings within Drafts.) Or maybe it adds more UI clutter for everyone to have that widget button option there. Just putting a thought out that might lead somewhere.


There is a separate widget type for drafts, that link to specific draft and show its content.

I’ve played with including the option to select a draft for a button in the grid widget in the past, but it makes configuring the widget extremely broken because querying for the item to select becomes quite burdensome if you potentially include all matching drafts.

My personal solution to this is using an Go to Bookmark action in the grid widget, that lets me select from several drafts I access regularly and have tagged “bookmark”.

Having a dedicated action is not too hard to get the individual draft linked, however. If you create one with just a URL action step, and paste in the drafts’ link. You can set the visibility of that action to be hidden in the list if you don’t want it junking up you list.

That’s helpful and makes sense—particularly the reminder that I can set the visibility of the action. I had forgotten about that.

Thanks! Excellent help as always.

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