Why is there a "Monospace" font in plain text?

Hello, I’m new to the community.
But I’ve used Drafts for several years now, mainly on iPhone and some on Mac.

I’ve been wondering how to use the “Monospace” font setting in the plain text syntax?

Today, I found this:
When plain text is selected, syntax highlighting is disabled.

My question is:
So why have a separate “Monospace” font setting at all in the plain text syntax, if only the main “Font” setting can be used in drafts with the “Plain Text” syntax? It’s very confusing.

Am I missing something, or is this an oversight?

Sorry if my question is stupid.

Thank You.

There are is just a one standard set of editor settings.

The monospace variant does not happen to be used by the Plain Text syntax definition, but Syntax definitions are open and extensible and there’s no real way for the editor to know whether a particular syntax definition does or does not use each of those options in any given text.