Why Drafts vs Logseq or Obsdian?

I am new and searching for daily notes/journal/quick capture tool.

I have read why they choose Logseq/Obsidian - store all information on their hard drive, not in the cloud.

Why Drafts vs Logseq and or Obsidian? Thank you

Why not start by telling us what you want to do. If you want to write a daily journal and add pictures to it, maybe an app like Day One would give you the best experience.

Basically you are arriving with three solutions to an incredibly vague set of requirements rather than having a set of requirements and seeking to find out if Drafts would be a good complete solution or component of a solution.

Drafts can loosely do each of the three broad areas you list - any text editor could to some extent. It can do a lot more. It can integrate with Obsidian (and makes for great mobile quick capture for it). But it doesn’t make it the right tool for what you want to do.


I love the idea behind Logseq, but its forums still have current posts about the sync service losing data, and users having to restore from backups.

Drafts has never, not once, ever lost a single byte of my data that I’m aware of. (Neither has Obsidian, FWIW.) I count it on to store important things that I would not trust Logseq with today.

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@Yaakov, Whilst I personally chose Obsidian, I have to agree with @Sylumer that you should list ‘what’ you want to log/save/record each day, how you want to do that (PC or Mac, iPhone or Android etc.) and how often (incremental journaling throughout the day/ at day’s end etc.). Then folks would know how to advise you.

I have been using Drafts to update my Obsidian Daily Note for a long time, and that has been working great. I am also just trialing an iPhone app called ‘Funnel’ that has a one button step to drop notes or pictures into my Obsidian Daily Note.


I use both Obsidian and Drafts.
Drafts is my clearinghouse for all inputs. If I’m entering text, it goes into drafts (technically it’s my primary GTD electronic Inbox).

I can send the text in email, message, etc. Lots of destinations and I archive it as a quasi backup repository. Another destination is my reference system in Obsidian.

Obsidian I use as a Personal Knowledge Management system (PKM) and a portion of it I use as a Zettlekasten, atomic ideas.

I have no experience with Logseq.
Hope this helps you match the tool up to your needs.
I have only scratched the surface of what Drafts is capable of doing.


Your reply answered all my questions. Thank you!

Your reply greatly helped and answered my questions

Like @ schmeggahead, I use Drafts to capture my random thoughts, whether they are ideas, tasks, or summaries of my day.
I then export them to Todoist, Ulysses, Logseq, or other productivity apps.

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