Why do I get monospaced text after the tab key

Per the new release, I’ve change my indent from cmd-] to the tab key.

But now, when I use TAB to indent, the font changes to monospaced and I can’t figure out why. Screenshot attached.

That is considered a code block in the Markdown spec

Typically, in Markdown, you would use a list structure, by starting the line with “- “ or “* “

In particular I would suggest * as the preferred bullet character - to avoid any confusion with a Taskpaper task.

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But you could also argue that a dash is better than an asterisk so as not to confuse with italic/emphasis, which is part of the Markdown syntax. Taskpaper is an entirely different syntax, so I would say the argument for use of dash is more relevant :wink:

I of course use both :rofl:

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You are right - though I don’t tend to put bold/italic at the beginning of the line (and could use underscores if I did).

I only use * for bullets. And, sorry to advertise md2pptx :slight_smile: but I use Taskpaper tasks interspersed with bullets. (md2pptx uses these tasks in Tasks slides at the end of the presentation it builds, with live links back to where they were coded.)

The relevance here is I might well have a draft with bullets and tasks in.

Thanks, all. I didn’t find the code block/tab key explanation when I was searching Help.

I am a long time but shallow depth user of Drafts. After some experimenting, it looks like Simple List meets my 90% of my needs.

Drafts really is a remarkable program

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