Why can't I change the startup view?

Hi All,

I am trying to work out why my Drafts always opens on the same view regardless of whether I’ve selected a different Draft Note and then deliberately close and reopen the App. There it goes opening in the template scree again.

Any idea what is happening here?

Do you have a Workspace selected? Or perhaps you have edited the Default workspace?

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Where do I edit or Find the Default workspace?

Also I am not sure it’s a workspace. I believe it’s something to do with ‘Templates’

I am confused

The default workspace is the default set of list filtering and display options you have saved, and which are restored when you hit the (x) button to clear filters on the Draft list. If you hit that button, what are you getting displayed in your list?

More detail on the default workspace is available in the User Guide.

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Maybe if there is confusion in that you are unfamiliar with Drafts’ terminology you could share two screenshots (what it looks like at startup and what you want it to look like), along with the steps you are applying to manually change it from startup to desired?

If we are not all using the same language, then shared visuals will help bypass a large amount of the misunderstanding that would otherwise dominate the conversation.

OK Great! That clarifies that this ‘Template’ view is /must be my default workspace as it is indeed the default when I hit that (X).


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Very practical. I am good now. But thanks for the input anyway.

I am certain I’ll have another problem for you to solve and I’ll be sure to add a couple of screen shots.