Why can’t Drafts share to Notion - what’s the “incompatibility”?

Most apps can send content to Notion easily and cleanly using the Share button. Doing it that way lets me name it, pick a destination page for it, and Safari will even create a snapshot of the webpage content.

Yes, I found an Action someone created that copies the text of the draft, opens Notion, and you can take it from there—navigate where you want, create a page or other object, and paste the content. It’s a lot less elegant.

It’s just weird to me and actually kind of ironic that Drafts of all apps is “incompatible” with Notion’s native Share functionality.

Both apps are super valuable and integral to my workflow.

Can we maybe rectify this? :slight_smile:

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Problem is on Notion’s end. Drafts shares text to the Share extension…I’m not a Notion user, but just tested this out of curiosity and they are registering themselves to handle text in the Share extension, or it would not appear in the “Share” menu from Drafts - but it does not properly handle text.

I tried from several other apps that send text to the share sheet, and it fails with the same “This app is not supported” error.

It’s odd, because their share extension briefly appears with the proper text in it - so it is parsing the text received - but then it throws the error.

I suggest reporting the issue to Notion support. Hopefully they can resolve in an update.

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