Why aren't slashes appearing correctly?

I am using the latest version of Drafts on my Mac.

Text I am pasting in is not appearing as I need it to.

In Drafts, the slashes in the text on the next line are appearing as this character: “|”.
(.) (\S+)\.

How can I get the slashes to appear correctly?

In that example text, they are backslashes. Drafts does not alter text pasted into it. That particular source string has two * characters, which is Markdown markup for italics…which would cause the text to appear in an italic font (just as it does here on the forum website, which uses Markdown)…the italic font is slanting the backslashes so they appear vertical, but are still backslashes.

If you do not want Markdown, you can change the syntax of the draft to “Plain Text” to avoid markup/syntax highlighting. If you want that string to appear unaltered as a code snippet in Markdown, wrap it in backtick (`) characters. Like:

`(.*) (\S+)\\.*`
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