☑️ Where is the root directory for local FileManager on iOS 13?

I’m using FileManager.createLocal() to access the local filesystem and write to a text file. Where is this actually located in the iOS 13 filesystem and how can I get to it outside of Drafts?

When I open the Files app and go to “On My iPad” I don’t see a Drafts folder… But I know the file is being created correctly because I can load it in another script using a FileManager object reading from the same path.

The “local” location is in the app sandbox and is not visible outside of Drafts scripting environment at this time.

It is the same directory that would be visible in “On my iPad” in the Files app if Drafts was able to register for visibility, but as it stands there is no way to just make that directory available outside the app without having a lot of other side effects about the way Files interacts with Drafts that are undesirable for the way it works.

Got it, thanks for the clarification.