Where have display messages gone from action success?

I have been away from drafts for a little while. So forgive me for being a little rusty. But I am sure there used to be a red and green notification at the top of the draft upon action success and failure. For me this has disappeared. Was this removed or have I got a setting turned off. I could not solve this please help.

Thanks you

They are still there. They are set on a per action basis as described here:


You can set an action to never show, show for errors only, or always show.

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Thank you for replying. I found those settings and they make no difference. I wonder if I have a bug?

They should absolutely make a difference. Can you try installing and running this test action I created?

It starts by asking you to choose an outcome.

It is set to show “All” notifications. Therefore you should see a message no matter what happens.

If you select to succeed, you should see this:

If you select to fail, you should see this:

Let us know what results you get with this.

I ran that script there is no feedback. At the moment the only feedback is by accessing the Drafts action log. No sounds also since last night with the 5.7 update.

Well if the same is true for @Mattmaybe, that’s a couple of you with the same issue. I’m on the beta app (5.7.4), but I can’t say I’ve noticed the behaviour on any of the previous beta builds. There’s also no discussion of it (yet) on the Slack channel.

Just because it is always worth a try when you get weird iOS behaviour, try restarting your device. I reckon I’ve had well over a 60% success rate for restarting resolving odd things.

This does seem to be a last minute bug that slipped in the release. Looking into it.


I can confirm that the action does not work for me either. Thank you all

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UPDATE: Found it and confirm the bug. I will be submitting a quick fix to Apple today.


Unfortunately I have the same issue! The notification doesn’t work. I am not sure if this is before or after the latest update, my updae on App store says yesterday was updated.

I don’t see any app store update since Greg posted the above, so it would make sense that you have just hit the bug in the latest release discussed above.

Thanks for the quick update! I’ll wait then for the new release.
BTW - Drafts is in my Top5 all time apps! You guys rock!

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I can confirm that I’m also missing the sounds that accompany action success.