Where did the Open In action go?


There are still apps without URL scheme, like the great Scrivener, and with Drafts 4 I could sent Markdown files to it via the Open In action. That was less comfortable than an action via a proper URL scheme but better than nothing.

In Drafts 5 I did not find any open in and Share does not list Scrivener.

What did I fail to notice?

Integrate with Scrivener?

This is a big and inexplicable omission. Is there a way to replicate the behavior through some combination of actions?

I can do it by calling Workflow with a workflow with a single Open In… action but restoring the native option would be preferable.


I’ll put it on the list to add. Honestly, I didn’t implement it in Drafts 5, because I didn’t think it got used as it’s essentially an API that has been replaced by the combination of Files.app and Share sheets - but I guess there’s a few outlier apps that still rely on these older APIs so it’s handy to have around.


Open In is definitely needed.
As a writer the need to Open In for Scrivener is massive
Drafts is an awesome aid in keeping notes and research for articles and stories - especially now with tags and workspaces…
Without Scrivener availability the goods of awesomeness are crumbling…
Thanks for reading and understanding


True but as noted in Integrate with Scrivener? a little help from the Scrivener side would help, too.


We don’t know to which beautiful South Sea island Open In had gone for vacation—but it has returned with the latest update (and with a tan)! Thank you so much.

Just three remarks/questions:

  1. When a draft is opened in Scrivener by Drafts 4’s Open In the first line of the draft becomes the title of the item which is good. A draft sent by Drafts 5’s Open In to Scrivener has just a time stamp as the title. Can this be changed back to the old behaviour? Or even better: Is there any way to let the user pick whichever option he wants?

  2. Scrivener for iOS automatically converts Markdown to rich text (at least the basics like italics and bold). The reason this seems not to work with drafts from Drafts 5 is that the file extension set in the Open In action is txt and not md. Luckily, one can easily change it in the action and the conversion works.

  3. Is it possible to not open the Open In menu but to directly tell iOS in the action in which application to open the draft in? The user could create an Open In action for every application needed and save one tap. This would get Open In as close to a proper URL call as possible. I know Workflow offers both, a generic Open In which lets you pick the target app and Open In with a preset target app. Just using Workflow from Drafts would require more steps than the one saved by not using Open In as it is.


Open in is configurable. You can make the file/content anything you want using template tags.

Start here: http://getdrafts.com/actions/steps/openin.html