When I come back to a file, the cursor position I left earlier is not restored


I believe the title says it all, but just in case let me say in more detail.

I have a lot of Drafts files for different topics. I don’t add text at the end but in different places in each file.

When I come back to a file I expect the cursor to be in the exact location I left it in. But it’s rarely there.

My impression is that it’s not a bug, that it’s not stored at all as metadata.

Am I doing something wrong, or is the cursor position truly not stored and restored upon reopening a file?


There are two options in Editor Settings that control what happens when the draft is loaded in the editor by selecting it in the draft list:

  • Focus Editor: If enabled, when a draft is selected the editor will be focused for editing, ready to type
  • Place Cursor: Controls placement of the cursor, which can be at the last editing position, or beginning or end of the text.

More details in the User Guide.

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I created an action for exact this problem:

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Thanks a bunch! This has been a real problem for me… solved.

Thank you! Very nice of you, I’ll study this.

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