Whats iCloud journal?

I sent a draft to iCloud journal by accident when I was organising actions. What is it? How can I retrieve it / delete it? Thanks.

It’s just a text file in your Drafts folder in iCloud. You can access it through the Finder on macOS or Files app on iOS.

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Look in iCloud Drive/Drafts (in Files app or anywhere you have access to your iCloud Drive), for a file named Journal-2018-10.txt. Be default that action appends to (or creates, if needed) a rolling journal file with year and month in the name.


Thats useful. The monthly is perfectly useful for my purpose, but im wondering whether you could add a daily or weekly journal version of this with a day of week + time stamp for each entry - I could then write a note each time and auto post if to this journal if thats possible?

Im a long long term drafts user but only recently starting to use more actions and seeing if tweaking the actions can help my info capture and flow.

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