What is the best approach to use draft with another Apple ID?

I have two apple IDs and want to merge all my data into one of them.

  • What is the best approach for Drafts?
  • Where does drafts store my data?
  • Can I export all data from one account and import them into the other account?

In a database.

You can certainly export and import drafts, but it would be a snapshot. You would lose version history on those drafts if you were doing basic exporting and importing.

Workspaces and actions/action groups can be shared via URLs.

Settings I think are in a few places, but honestly you don’t want to be copying those between instances on different accounts. Just manually set those up.

I would look at using backups.

I’ve not had need to use backups myself, but this should provide the best solution. Force a backup of drafts and if necessary action groups. Copy the backup files to the alternative account and then restore them. As the documentation notes, this is an additive process (it could cause duplication of an existing draft in typical circumstances).

You can also get share URLs for workspaces that you could use to transfer any unique workspaces you might have as mentioned above.

Other app settings just set manually. Use screenshots to compare if necessary, but it simply isn’t worth the hassle tracking all the details down and trying to merge them across two accounts.

That would be my approach, but maybe someone else has a better suggestion?