What format is the Gmail Credential Identifier?

Normally, sending from my “default” account is fine. However, there’s one service I use that’s tied to a different Gmail address. I have it set both as an alias and as a separate account.

In reading the documentation for Gmail, it mentions the “Credential Identifier,” but I can’t find any reference what it is or should look like.

In the web version of Gmail, it could usually be handled via the /u/0/ (or /u/1/, /u/2/ etc). I’m assuming that’s not what’s intended.

So…what is the mysterious “Credential Identifier?” when it’s at home?



Every login credential in Drafts for any service can be specified to have an identifier to distinguish it from other credentials for the same service.

Got it. That’s a huge help. I searched everywhere for it but didn’t separate the Gmail from the Credentials I was thinking OAuth or other credentials, not a Drafts-specific identifier.