What features in Drafts am I missing out on?

I’ve been using Drafts for years on my iPhone, and on my MacBook since it was available there (annual subscriber). But my main use is for taking quick notes, jotting down thoughts, etc. And since the cross-platform functionality works so much better than iCloud copy/paste, I often use it for that.

But I haven’t bothered playing with scripting, styles, etc. in Drafts. What am I missing? What’s the low-hanging fruit I should tinker with in Drafts with respect to functionality?

Thanks in advance!


Quite a lot.

  1. Look in the directory and install stuff.
  2. Read the headlines in every section in the documentation; it won’t take long to read the headings, find things the pique your interest, and read those sections.

I suspect that will increase what you realise and can do with drafts by a few orders of magnitude, and it will still be specific to you. Otherwise, the likelihood is that you will get recommendations from everyone who uses Drafts for 95% of the functionality and it isn’t all as equally useful to everyone.

Hope that helps.


You might start with some of our Screencasts.

In particular:

A lot of people start with a few basic actions to output the text you capture to different places, like pre-addressed Mail & Messages, Twitter - or to your favorite task manager, for example.

Once you setup a few of these integrations and start using them, it become much smoother to capture and not have to go through the clipboard to move that text elsewhere every time.