What does “Action Group Size Limit” error message mean?

Sometimes when I edit and try to save an action script, or import a new action, I get this error message.

Has anyone seen this message, and could you please explain what it means and what I should do to fix this.



Q1) How many actions are currently in the action group where you get this error?

Q2) How many action groups do you add actions to?

Does the error not explain it’s meaning clearly? Perhaps the language could be more explicit, but it says why the error is presented and offers suggestions to resolve it.

An individual action group with all of its actions and content cannot exceed 1 MB in size, so you will need to break up your group if you have excessively large or many actions, or it will not be able to sync. This is a pretty big limit for an group, you might have one or more actions that have loaded very large JavaScript libraries, maybe?

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Thanks @sylumer for your quick response, and @agiletortoise for your explanation about the size limits and Javascript libraries. The latter was most helpful.

Although I’ve used Drafts for years, I’m relatively new to using creating my own actions, and in particular using Javascript in this app. Though the message was clear, I was not aware of the 1MB limit, or how quickly JavaScript libraries can use up this limit.

In my case, I had an action group with only 4 or 5 actions, which was once working. Then I tried to add another small action, but kept getting this message.

I couldn’t understand how I’d reached this limit so quickly, with so few actions.

But then I looked more closely at the scripts I’d added earlier. As it turns out, the one that was causing a problem was this action:

I had no idea the script was so long, as I had simply “installed” it into my getdrafts action group. I never looked at the code.

I have moved this script to its own action group, and things seems to be working now.

Thanks @agiletortoise for pointing me in the right direction.

So my followup question then would be:

Is my only work-around to deal with large scripts to create a separate action group for each large script that I install?

That would be unfortunate if so. If I were to want to use a number of larger javascripts, it would make my drop-down list of action groups quite long.