What can I do to create the experience of having a folder, I guess deliberately not a part

I am so happy with Drafts, the glaring elephant in the room, I guess part of the rigid philosophical spine of the designers, is the absence of the most basic element of computers since some rocks needed to be organized, so a caveman put some in a bush, and some in a cave - – FOLDERS.

I just past 1,000 drafts, have finally learned the basics of Markdown, and don’t want to give up Drafts. Nothing is like it. It is so dense and overfilled, but I don’t mind that, because it is serving the community and it’s not designed for me and none of it gets in my way except when I take a dive to learn something, and I can’t make sense of it.

I cannot - however - cope much longer with the fact that I can’t organize my travesty, and man cannot live by tags alone.

No folders? C’mon seriously? After a year, I still think there’s some principles spite involved in a quest to be different, but what am I missing?

I am open to the idea that someone is about to give me a few clicks and a solution, ill be embarrassed for a moment, but GRATEFUL, because I have missed a few inspirational moments lately because my OCD, ADHS brain said, “don’t waste your time, you know you’ll never find it again anyway”

Drafts has a feature called folders but they are not what you are expecting.

Drafts isn’t storing content in a file structure, but in a database, so there is an entirely different paradigm to managing drafts to managing files.

Think of it as a bucket and you ask Drafts to give you a set of Drafts (a folder if you will) by describing what you want with criteria.

If you want to save such criteria and work on a set of results, that is in effect what Workspaces are and I think is going to be the closest to what you want. Think of them as smart folders and you’ll probably get the gist pretty quickly.

Hope that helps.

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