What am I missing? This works in my head, but alas, not in real life

I get most of Drafts. I love it. I need, however, to figure out how to send a draft to Things, include the title, ignore the body, but attach a link to the draft that will insert in the note section of the Things task. I don’t want to read the entire draft in Things, I want it to shoot me over to the beautiful Drafts app.

I know I can manually copy the link to the draft and paste into the notes section of the new Things task, I just want to do all of that with one click. If this exists, I cannot find it, and I am useless at scripting anything. This should be simple, but I cannot figure it out. Please help.


Whilst on the subject of things Kathryn doesn’t understand, when I send a draft to Bear, it is somehow prettied-up and looks great in PDF, but when I try and do it from Drafts, my formatting is wonky? I type everything in Markdown in both apps, but Bear somehow grabs it and it makes sense when I then create a PDF. I’d like to eliminate the middle Bear and just be able to save my drafts as pretty PDF instead of a PDF of Markdown. Did that make any sense?


This can be done without scripting, using the basic URLs. The default Task in Things action has the URL below:


The [[title]] part inserts the first line of the current draft. The [[body]] part inserts the remaining text. The URL is more or less readable in you can see the body is going to a notes parameter. You want to change that to be:


The [[draft_open_url]] tag inserts the link to the current draft. Other options are covered in the tag documentation.

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Thank you! When I say “scripting” I apparently mean basic frigging steps. This is why you are getting my money and shall continue to do so. Very helpful.