Webdav sync with Nextcloud Notes


I was wondering if it’s possible to establish a Webdav sync connection with Nextcloud Notes. I checked the possible options but I only succeeded to save new notes from Drafts to my Nextcloud Notes folder by exporting it manually through File app integration in iOS, but what I am looking for is some kind of immediate sync that would allow me to open and modify existing notes in my Nextcloud Notes server inside Drafts.

Drafts only offers sync between devices via iCloud. It is backed by a database, and does not work directly with files, so is not really setup to open-save files in the system directly - only via import-export.

You can create actions which write to files on your WebDAV server directly, without the need to go through the Files app, using the WebDAV action step.

You may well know this already, so apologies in advance. However, if you do need a sync solution for webDAV on iOS, just to flag that 1Writer has the ability to do this. Happy user of both Drafts and 1Writer here, so just pointing out as potential solution.

I think you may use git for a kind of syncing.

I I remember correctly WebDav does not really have the best reputation.