Web Capture Template Author and Publication Date Tags

I’d love to get more tags available for the Web Capture Template to make the export to Obsidian more comparable to ReadWise/Reader. Specifically:

  • [[author]] to get the author from a website’s metadata
  • [[publication_date]] to get the article publication date from a website’s metadata.
  • [[safe_title]] to format the title of the webpage similar to template tags
  • [[body]] / [[body_markdown/html]] to pull the entire body of text from a website converted to markdown (this would allow a full web clip)

It would also be nice to have be able to swap between a couple different templates when doing a web capture, for example if I wanted to capture the entire body of the text with lots of meta data or if I just wanted a quick selection capture as the default template.

Thank you!

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Thanks for the request. I’ve hesitated to add too many things like this because the web capture template is limited to Safari only.

Have you considered doing any other this with post-processing actions in the app? That allows more flexibility to expand information about a URL from any source captured into Drafts.

An example would be this “Make Markdown Link” action that takes a URL and scrapes the title element from its source page. Of course, this has some downsides working with pages that require a login.

There are non-documented tags available for the full content now. [[page_html]] and [[page_markdown]] - which I have not published because they have not been fully tested and there are some pages that create problems for the HTML to Markdown conversion that I have not had time to fully debug…but feel free to try them out for your needs.