Way to remove Drafts from Mac OS dock while running?

Anybody know of a way to remove the Draft icon from the dock while the app is running? I’ve noticed some apps have an option for this. Looking for a way to do this so I can run at login but not have it populate the dock with the icon.

Thanks for any suggestions!


There are several suggestions for hiding apps on the dock in this Stack Exchange thread. Hopefully one of the options will work for you.

Did you also mention this as a feature request to support?

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It was previously mentioned as a feature request in a thread about the Mac app.

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Ahhh, thanks for catching this @sylumer – I did a search before posting but somehow this other thread didn’t come up.

Thanks for the help!

Just tested GhostTile and it said Drafts is not supported yet.

I would really like this feature, too!

So maybe if enough people are interested (express there interest in this) Greg will add this feature (please!)


+1 Please. My dock is jacked up already. Do not need more icons there. I do however love the menu bar icon. It is great an I can control it via Bartender.