Way to bounce back to active app after making a draft via Siri Shortcut?

With Siri Shortcuts, I’m hoping there’s now a way to use Drafts in a situation that comes up fairly regularly. What I’d like:

When driving with Maps navigation active, I’d like to trigger a Siri Shortcut by saying ‘Hey Siri, new to-do’ and have my phone open Drafts, let me dictate some text and automatically perform an action (one I’ve made that formats text and sends it to my to-do app). I’d then like the phone to return to Maps automatically (or whatever app I have open if I’m not driving).

So far I have everything working perfectly right up until the last step (return to Maps). Right now, the phone just stays in Drafts once everything’s done and I need to tap the ‘return to navigation’ banner. Is automatically bouncing back to the ‘active’ app something that’s even possible? It’d allow for a really smooth hands-free workflow when driving.

EDIT: I just realised I can set the ‘Edit in Drafts’ switch to off add ‘open Maps’ as the last step in Shortcuts to get back to Maps, which should cover me 90% of the time. It’d be nice to know if there was a way to get back to any active app, though.

(I know this is more of a Siri Shortcuts question than a specific Drafts question but I figure some other people here might’ve wanted to do the same)

I think, if you remove the last action entirely and trigger this via Siri it should finish and put you back where you were - at least a test of this a few weeks ago did.

I tried this out and it bounces me into the Shortcuts app itself :frowning:

Maybe worth mentioning that my Siri Shortcuts workflow starts with the following, in case a different combination would work as you described:

  1. Dictate Text (stop listening after pause)
  2. Add to Draft (with Run Action activated)

The other option I can think of would be to use ‘Dictate new draft’ as the first step in Siri Shortcuts but that means tapping the ‘Create’ button once I’m done talking as I don’t see any options to stop listening after a pause.