Walling App / Notion

Late last year I discovered https://walling.app/ enjoyed what it offers and bought a sub. Have I made a mistake? I want to be able to use Walling with Drafts and looked here for tips etc. Couldn’t find anything… but I saw there is support for Notion. A look at Notion suggests it could be all that Walling is and more especially as it integrates with Drafts? Has anyone any thoughts they would care to share? Thanks Andy

Scanning through their website, I don’t see anything about an API or any other ways for third parties to interact with the service. That often means you have to resort to copy and paste; so I’ not seeing anything obvious about how you could really use Drafts with it.

This is the position Notion has been in for a very long time. Their API is a very new addition and so is is only recently that Drafts can start to truly integrate with it for things like creating new content.

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Thanks for this. I use Text Sniper assiduously, copy and paste together with Alfred is super helpful. If I could automate some of the tasks I regularly perform that would be even better. Having invested time and effort into Walling I’m not in a rush to move out!