Viewing without markdown signs

Hi everyone,

Where can I turn off the markdown stuff when viewing the notes? I know I can preview them but I’m hoping there’s a feature like in all the other markdown note tools I used where it doesn’t show me the ###s and stuff when viewing.

I’m almost embarrassed to ask because I should be able to find this without asking but couldn’t.


What you are describing is usually called something like “Live Preview”. That is not an option in Drafts. The editor in Drafts always displays all content in the text.

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Yes, live preview is what I mean. In that case, please consider it for a feature request. :slight_smile:


I wonder how this might affect how people may expect interactions with text to occur?

For example if I have a script that works with counts of text characters, then what I see is not a match for what the script “sees”. There is a lot of complexity that this feature would add in terms of how many features and actions work. It would potentially require a shift in how we think about operating and working with text in Drafts - and that is very much an existing core feature.

Similarly, this would be an editor-based feature, but the editor supports non-Markdown syntaxes too, including custom syntaxes. How would this feature extend or impact those?

I use Obsidian and Drafts daily and both take a different approach currently. But I would note that the live preview mode in Obsidian does cause rendering challenges in terms of speed on longer notes (containing long tables for example) and in editing complex notes. I find switching to source mode in Obsidian is a much better experience for just getting the content in how I want it on notes long and complex notes.

I am not saying it cannot be done with Drafts, but I am suggesting it is a difficult problem and one that is made all the more complex for Drafts due to not only actions (some comparison to Obsidian plugins is of course possible), but also supporting multiple syntaxes and Drafts specific features.

This just feels like a massive architectural change to get right, and I would worry about the knock-on effects.

I guess I look at Drafts as its name implies. My writing in Drafts is a draft. I copy and paste it elsewhere to make it “pretty”.