Viewing previous notes

Hi all

Can you please advise me on how I can make viewing my notes easier.

I don’t tend to tag or organise. I tend to just have a long list of notes. When i want to view my notes i do the following.

  1. Open the app and it opens my last note.
  2. I then click on the page icon top left, this takes me to inbox which states (no drafts found)
  3. I then hit the inbox icon and then click on (any) under add to filter. This brings all my notes up.

As you can imagine these clicks are a chor and I want to make it as easy as possible to see my previous notes.

Can some one please help me how I can make this as slick as possible as I am not sure what I’m doing wrong?


You said it yourself, you are not organising your notes in any way. That should typically be your first step in structuring things to make them easier to find. Imagine trying to find things in your kitchen if you didn’t keep things in different cupboards and just stored them randomly.

I would heartily recommend workspaces for helping you organise and access.

BUT, from your description, I think you might have a modified default filter that is somehow excluding your notes. For example only showing notes with a tag where that tag isn’t on any of your inbox notes.

Take a look at your default filter settings and see what you have.

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Thank you for the reply, i use drafts as more fleeting notes and use the search to find old notes. Do you now if there is a location of peoples drafts and how they have set it up etc? like an examples page people share their work as such.

I’m not aware of anywhere. People sometimes share a description of some of their workflows or a particular workspace on this forum. You can sometimes get insights into the sorts of tags individuals use - though in many cases this ties into workspaces.

Have you now resolved your search problem? If so, is there something in particular you are looking for? If not, can you explain a bit more about the specifics of your issue/challenge?

Also, have you read the documentation around folders, tags, workspaces, and searching? They usually clarify organisational option s for people and organisation of personal notes tends to be a very personal set of choices.

Yes I have resolved the issue.

I do understand the point of workspaces and tags etc, I just don’t feel I don’t do enough note taking on it to warrant such strict organisation. I do that on obsidian.

How do people use drafts? I feel like I sometimes have to force myself to take notes and it just seems pointless sometimes unless im actually studying etc.

Have a look through the results of this search.

The forum has lots of examples. There are people using it in many ways from more simple uses like a scratch pad, or an everything inbox, through to a full blown project managment or PKM solution. Most users probably have several use casee, though two users with identical uses might well have implemented it in different ways.

That sounds like a habit and needs thing.

Notes can help you recall things later (lots of people find they recall things more easily when they take the action to write them down), and are most often useful when you actively do stuff with them. If you are not actively using the notes you take, then chances are there is no need for you to note it … unless you later forget the detail and discover you should have written it down? Ever forgot to pick up something when shopping or packing for a trip because you didn’t note it down and check it off?

If you just need to get in the habit of noting stuff down, do what you can to set yourself up to do that. Start with one thing where you can see an obvious value to noting stuff down. Set a reminder or some other trigger to help you remember to create your note, and hold yourself to account on doing it.

Hope that helps.


Thank you for your comprehensive reply and your time. I will look into all the things you have suggested :+1: