Viewing all existing tags


Drafts has become a significant tool I use multiple times every week, so thanks for working on this.

Is there a way to view the list of all the tags I’ve created?

(Why? You might guess why … the same old problem: created one too many and now want to consolidate)

Asking here because I didn’t see an obvious way in menus etc.

Thanks in advance,

is the “tag filter view” not enough?
if you swipe from left to right two times (from the editor view). All tags are displayed there.
If you want to rename a tag, you can tap on the “Operations” button in the draft list.

How to merge two tags is a related interesting question.

Seems pretty easy.

For merging Tag A -> Tag B:

  1. Assign Tag B to all drafts with Tag A.
  2. Remove Tag A from all drafts.
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