Version Doesn't Change

When I work on a text, close it and come back later to edit it, I noticed that the version remains at 0. It does not change no matter how often I alter the text (or add/delete).

Is there a save command I need to perform in order for the version number and date to record?

Versions should be automatic. There are a number of things that trigger a version to be created, some of them are leaving and selecting another draft, ending an edit session (like hiding the keyboard on iOS) - but only if the text has changed.

Could you provide more details on your usage pattern, what version you are using, on what platform, etc.?

Thanks for such a fast reply.

The issue I’m attempting to describe is on iOS Drafts 5 (iPhone X).
Say I jot down a note and close the app. Later, I re-open that text but add some thoughts. My expectation is if I open that text a third time it will show one previous version but it still shows 0. As if my last entry was the original.
It remains at zero version no matter how often I change it, and close it.

OK. Apparently I need to close my keyboard before closing the app. Working fine now.