Version Control strategies for Drafts Scripts?

Now that I can write and test scripts on the Mac, I’m using the require("script name.js") strategy for all my Drafts scripts and I’m also starting to write some more complicated ones. I’d like to keep them in version control as well, but also access them from Mac or iOS. It seems the combination of iCloud Drive & Git, though, is a no-go. How are people managing this?

Here’s what I did, which definitely didn’t work:

  • Save scripts in the Drafts /Library/Scripts folder in iCloud Drive
  • Created a new GitHub repo out of this folder on the Mac
  • Cloned that repo in Working Copy on iOS.
  • Changed stuff on the Mac. Pushed to Git Repo.
  • Opened repo on iOS. Changes had already propagated via iCloud, so then I couldn’t “pull” the repo.