Verbose Error messages?

Is there a way to turn on verbose error messages for Actions? There’s currently a few ways that my actions will fail but there’s no way of knowing whether it’s because there’s already a file with that, character count issues, etc.

The action log generally contains more detailed information about failure for built-in action steps. Not always detailed enough, perhaps, but if you could be more specific about the actions you are using and the types of conditions you are seeing failures it would be helpful to troubleshoot.

As for scripted actions, it’s up to the script to log information to the action log with console.log to record failures and details about what errors occurred. Scripting methods generally provide ways to perform that logging, but how diligent scripters are about logging varies. Again, if you have a specific action to point out, we could probably assist improving the output.

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Amazing, thank you, I knew I was probably missing something!