V5 and Keyboard shortcuts

I imagine I’m staring at the capability, but I can’t figure out how to configure Keyboard shortcuts without creating new Groups.

In v4 I had a group defined with all of my custom Actions. Within that group, I had assigned keyboard shortcuts to the subset that I use frequently. Simple process to edit keyboard and add actions from that Group and other groups.

It appears in v5 these is a 1:1 correlation between Groups and Keyboards. In other words, the only way I can replicate my V4 configuration is to create a new Group dedicated to Keyboard shortcuts and then move various actions from their Action Groups into this new keyboard group.

Is that correct? (I hope not… that will really clutter, at least for me, the organization of groups)

thanks for any guidance

The extended keyboard now displays select action groups, yes.

Are you just asking for a way to hide those groups you use as keyboard in the action group list? That is not currently possible, though it is something we would consider adding.

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Thanks for the response and the clarification. Very helpful.

No, that is not what I’m trying to do. Quite simply, I wanted to setup my most used Actions (approx 4) as keyboard shortcuts. Those 4 are a subset of maybe 15 or 20 other Actions I have built and organized in one Group.

I understand now that I need to pluck actions that I want on the keyboard out of their current Action Groups and put them in a dedicated Keyboad Group. Not ideal, but definitely doable.

Good luck w V5. Happily subscribed and looking forward to continued good things! — jay

There’s an action called Include Action. If you created an action in your keyboard group that called the action by name in the other group, you could keep the action in that group and call it from any other group you like. Then you just add the keyboard shortcut to the action in your keyboard group. The great thing is you are not duplicating actions, but referencing a single canonical version.

I think that’s the sort of thing you were after … right? :thinking:

I think so. As soon as I can break for a bit, I will give that a try.

Thank you very much for the suggestion.

@sylumer again, thanks. Your suggestion works and solves the problem I was having. I can’t fully appreciate the new design paradigm and the benefits. But, I’m sure I will over time!

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I may be taking this thread in a different direction, so forgive me.

Is keyboard navigation supported in 5.4? Specifically, the ability to shift cursor focus between the drafts list and a particular draft? E.g, navigate to a given draft in the list using the arrow keys, edit that draft’s content and tag, and then move back to the draft list.

  • CMD + 1 shows the list of drafts.
  • Cursor keys navigate that list.
  • Enter selects/opens the draft.
  • CMD + T opens the tag editing area, sets focus to add tag and also can be used then to close the area and return focus to the draft.

In an app, hold down the CMD key to see a pop-up of what keyboard combinations are assigned. If there’s one that doesn’t do what you want exactly, chances are you can create an action that will and assign that a keyboard shortcut.

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