UX: Quickly switch workspace on iOS

Hi @agiletortoise,

I often get confused when I want switch my active workspace by touch on iOS.

I made a small screenshot to help me explain it:

[1] is the place were I always tend to click though this only opens the tag filter sidebar.

[2] is the right place and it mostly is visible when I am editing but sometimes there seem to be cases where the complete bar [3] is not moved above the touch keyboard.

I know you are dealing with many constraints of placing the UI elements on the screen (too many features for this full packed application). But do you see a possibility to improve the user experience?

Cheers Felix

hi all
what is your take on this topic?

UX with workspaces
  • I do agree
  • I do not agree
  • I do not care
  • I do not use workspaces
  • I do not use it on iOS

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I do the same exact thing and click #1 for workspaces, for some reason. :slight_smile:

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Me three. :frowning: :slight_smile:    

This is why I use the option “show workspace tabs” in the “list options”. That way I can switch workspaces with buttons that are already present without having to pull open a separate pane.

I know Greg has been talking about getting rid of this feature, but I’ll keep using it until he does!

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I also do the same thing, and assume it is because of the way I switch workspaces on the Mac or action groups on iOS. The interface would work better for me if switching workspaces and switching action groups used the same method - on all devices if that is possible.

I get the disconnect and have some thoughts in this area.

The functionality tied to that button is technically correct. It is labelled with the current filters, and provides access to filtering. Yes, Workspaces are a type of filter which can be applied, and if you use them often you can come to see that as a workspace selector and it can be confusing. I get that.

The vast majority of users of Drafts do not use workspaces, or only use them rarely, so this is very much an expert-user problem (the free version does not even support workspaces).

Personally, the placement of the workspace selector makes a lot of sense to me on the iPhone, where reach is important. Again, where most Drafts users are using it. It might make sense to move it to the top on iPad, like it is on Mac, but I’m not sure it’s compelling enough to make it different between platforms.


Maybe one problem is that you replace the filter button if the filter matches a workspace.

This default

This is in Workspace mode

Would it be possible to keep the filter icon always visible and also show the workspace icon if a workspace is available?

Another Idea would be to put a button or even the workspace list into the tag filter dialog.