Using Shortcuts to create a new draft, then open the draft in Drafts

I have a shortcut which creates a new draft with a simple template (date in the first line plus a few tags), and I’d like the shortcut to then switch to drafts and have the new draft open for editing. I cannot for the life of me figure out from the Shortcuts guide how to do the second step, or whether I can. I would think the Open Draft action would do this, but don’t see how to have it open the newly created draft. Is there not a way to accomplish this?
Thank you!

Assuming you are using the “Create Draft” action in Shortcuts to create your new draft, the result of that action is the new draft. You can then pass that into an “Open Draft” action (tap and hold on the draft parameter to select variable and choose the output of the previous action).

Here is an example based on this and your description.

Hope that helps.

Thank you…I had tried that but the Open Draft action, in my shortcut, always requires the user to select the draft actively. Interestingly, I am using the Create Draft with variable contents rather than just using the date as the argument (see shortcut below) and that does not appear to pass the resulting draft info to the next step, whereas in your shortcut, it does. I can switch to that method, but had originally intended to put more text into the template. Do you know if there’s any reason that using the Create Draft step this way doesn’t appear to pass the draft object?

Odder still: I tried creating a brand new shortcut that looks exactly like yours, and the Create Draft action is still not passing the Draft info to the next action. I still can’t figure out why this might be happening.

Looking at your two shortcuts, you did not do what I described as follows - specifically the step described in parentheses.

Try these revisions where I applied those instructions.

Ugh — no I did not. I am building them on macOS, and for whatever multitasking reason, I didn’t pay attention to that step. Right-clicking gave me that option I was looking for & that you’d called out.