Using Share Extension with selection_markdown in Web Capture Template gives links all with same link text

I’m seeing odd behaviour when Sharing a selection from web page in Safari on both MacOS and iOS since switching to use the selection_markdown tag. All the links have the same link text which is the text from the first link.

Using latest version of Drafts - MacOS: Version 44.0 (440) and iOS: Version 44.0.1 (441).

Do you have a specific web page to point to as an example? I just tested this with a couple of different random sites and was not able to reproduce.

Webpage I first noticed it was

I highlighted the section starting “When using GPT-4o…” down to the end of the bullet list.

Another example is on the website, screenshot below. It seems it only happen when the selection includes a list of links. The same issue happens if you copy and paste the selection into Drafts directly so seems to be related to the HTML to markdown conversion.

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Thanks. Does seem to be a bug in the library Drafts uses to convert HTML to Markdown. May take some digging. It is specific to the links being embedded in lists.

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