Using Print action HTML template

I tried searching a bit, but didn’t find much about this. I have a letterhead that I’ve created and use on my mac which has the top section put together as HTML (I had to create it based on the agency I work for, but it allows me to write letters in Markdown / Plain text). I’ve been trying to move this functionality so that I can do the same and just create a PDF through drafts (on my mac, I use Marked 2).

I can’t seem to find much information about editing some of the general parts of the page and I don’t know what I would edit in my HTML to adjust the page margins (i.e. currently it comes at maybe 1 inch margines, but if I wanted to put it to .5 in margines). Is there a list of the elements that you can address in the HTML?

Usually for printing HTML you would use CSS for ‘Paged Media’. Have you tried applying this approach already to your HTML?

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Thank you so much. That gives me a place to start, I just didn’t even know exactly where to start.

I do not believe the margins can be adjusted via HTML at this time. I think they are hard coded insets on the page objects.