Using Microsoft OneNote with Drafts

There seems to be a problem working with sections that reside within section groups.

I had a Drafts action set to append to a page in a section that’s contained within a section group. Instead of adding to that page, it created a new page in a new section with the exact same name as the one I actually wanted. The new section is in the top level within the notebook, rather than in the section group.

If I move the intended section to the top level within the notebook (no longer within the section group), Drafts is able to add pages to it there, rather than creating more new sections with the same name (of course, in that case, the known issue with OneNote Append/Prepend functionality still remains).

Do you know if the problem finding an existing section within a section group is also due to problems on Microsoft’s end?

Is there anyway to specify font size? Since it syncs through the online service instead of the app it respect OneNotes online font default of calibra 11 point which is quite annoying.

Technically, it should be possible, but would require customizing actions that send to OneNote using raw HTML with CSS/style attributes associated with the to set font information. I’m not too familiar with what OneNote does and does not support for directly styling.

As it stands, Drafts does not send any styling information with the text, just basic HTML, so it takes on the default attributes provided by OneNote.

Hi Team,

This action seems to be broken for me currently. No matter what I put in the Notebook field, it cannot be found. Leaving it blank says: “Notebook “” not found”. same issue with Add to OneNote. Has something changed? The Notebooks and sections are present on the local device?

In Settings > Credentials > Services, do you see Onenote listed? If so select the option to forget the credential and retry an action.

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That worked, thank you!

I am just trying to use the Append to Onenote Journal and I have the following issue. I have connected drafts and onenote succesfully but sometimes it creares a new page for every new entry or some other time add the text in the same day page. Can you please assist on this. The idea is to have all drafts of the same day on one page (of that date).

Can you share a link to the action you are referringt o/using? There look to be a few options discussed above that might separately cover both outcomes you describe.

As far as I know, Microsoft has still not fixed the API bug discussed in the link below. I had not checked on it in a while, but seems to still be there.

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The details of that action look suited to your desired purpose. You’re only using one action. The configuration is original, so I’m guessing you found the action rather than shared it, and we must assume that you have not consciously or accidentally made any changes to it.

Going with those assumptions, I think the only thing left would be the API issue that Greg references above.