Using Due app to trigger action to run

It would be good if someone could clarify if the following is possible.

Set a reminder in Due, so that when the URL is clicked upon reminder completion, it would open/run the “Load from Templates” action within Drafts.

So no text is getting passed about; it’s just using Due as a trigger to open the “Load from Templates” action.

I’m able to set a reminder to return to a specific draft in Drafts via Due, but am having little success with this other scenario.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

Set it up like this. I prefixed "Load " before the URL just to note it is an action. It does nothing.

Note I’ve opted not to do this as a callback as I’m guessing you want to do something in Drafts manually immediately.

Reminder pops up.

Tap the reminder and it opens Drafts for me and runs my example action that uses the name you specified.

Hope that helps.

Cheers. However, I can’t get it to work. Even if I change the action name to be run in Drafts, each time I click on Due I get…image

Got it working now thanks. Can’t see any discernible difference between what was in there from before, but your solution now works. Cheers

My best (wild) guess would be an erroneous space. Maybe check back through your checked off tests and step through with your cursor. Ideally paste it into a hex editor to really confirm what is what … but that’s only if you’re obsessed with knowing the exact details :nerd_face: